Meet the Radiology Matters Team

With over 50 years of combined experience in the radiology field, our team is there for you when and where you need us. We understand that each practice we serve has individual needs, there is no cookie-cutter method for success. This is why the members of the Radiology Matters team are experts in their area of expertise and work with you to create a tailored plan specific to your practice. Our ultimate goal is to help your practice stay independent.

Our team of radiology experts can help
private practice radiology groups stay independent.

Meet the Radiology Experts

Radiology Matters Dr. John Vizzuso. President & Chief Coaching Office
Radiology Matters teammate Janinne Walker Senior VP of Sales and Business Development
Radiology Matters teammate Zach Vizzuso. Chief Digital Marketing Officer

Dr. John Vizzuso
President & Chief Coaching Officer

Janinne Walker
Senior Vice President of Sales & Business Development

Zach Vizzuso
Chief Digital Marketing Officer